LGBT Travellers

Homosexual sex was legalised in Malta in 1973. In 2014 the government passed a bill approving same-sex civil unions and gay adoption. Gay marriage was subsequently approved in 2017, and getting married in Malta is an increasingly popular option for gay couples from overseas. Gay marriages contracted abroad are also recognised by the state.

However, Malta is a conservative, very Catholic country and public affection (straight or gay) is generally frowned upon. Still, while Malta is not a very 'out' destination, it is gay-friendly. For more information see and

Malta Gay Rights Movement ( staged its first Gay Pride march in Valletta in July 2004, and the marches have been held annually ever since. Although the march and surrounding festivities are tiny in comparison to the large gatherings elsewhere in Europe, they're a chance for Malta's LGBT+ community to gather, celebrate diversity and push for an end to discrimination.