Top Choice Bay in Marsaxlokk

St Peter's Pool

St Peter's Pool is a fantastic swimming spot, a natural lido in the rocks with large areas of flat slab for sunbathing between swims. Follow the narrow road out towards Delimara Lighthouse until you are just past th…
Beach in Marsaxlokk

Il-Kalanka Bay

Nearby St Peter's Pool is deservedly popular as a swimming and sunbathing destination, but continue down the same road (Triq Delimara) to quieter Il-Kalanka Bay. New signage now makes it easier to find, and the bay'…
Market in Marsaxlokk

Sunday Fish Market

At Marsaxlokk's colourful, packed-to-the-gills Sunday Fish Market, you can admire the riches of the Med before they're whisked off to Malta's top hotels and restaurants. The market starts early in the morning and th…
Area in Marsaxlokk

Delimara Point

Delimara Point, southeast of Marsaxlokk, is blighted by a huge power station whose chimney can be seen for miles around, but there are a few good swimming places on the eastern side of the peninsula, where the power…
Market in Marsaxlokk

Waterfront Market

The Sunday fish stalls are far outnumbered by the stalls of this daily market, which mainly sells kitsch aimed at tour groups visiting the town.