Nature Center in Dingli Cliffs

The Cliffs

Beyond being an excellent restaurant, The Cliffs also acts as a local nature centre supporting the ecology, history and culture of the area. There's the opportunity to experience a free audiovisual display and also …
Gardens in Dingli Cliffs

Buskett Gardens

Malta's only extensive woodland area, Buskett Gardens' name comes from the Italian boschetto, meaning 'little wood'. The gardens were planted by the Knights as a hunting ground; today they are a hugely popular outin…
Architecture in Dingli Cliffs

Verdala Palace

Verdala Palace was built in 1586 as a summer residence for Grand Master Hugues Loubeux de Verdalle. It was designed by Gerolamo Cassar as a hunting retreat in the form of a square castle with towers at each corner. …
Church in Dingli Cliffs

Chapel of St Mary Magdalene

In a lonely location overlooking the Dingli Cliffs, this chapel was built in 1646, but there has a been a church here since the 15th century.