There's plenty to do along this bit of the coast, with the €15.6-million Malta National Aquarium, close to Qawra Tower, providing state-of-the-art wonder and a great focus for family fun. There are various diving and boating operators based in Buġibba, the free-of-charge Buġibba water park, and a number of private lidos lining the waterfront, many offering sun lounges, water sports, swimming pools and cafe-bars.

Boat Trips & Water Sports

Plenty of smaller operators offer tours from the jetty at Plajja Tal'Bognor. As well as shorter trips around St Paul's Bay, some operators offer trips to Comino for around €20. Head down to the jetty area to see what's available.


There are several dive operators in Buġibba that can help you explore the excellent nearby dive sites or those around the Maltese Islands.


If you visit the Malta National Aquarium, you'll see some fascinating, alien-looking egg cases suspended in one of the tanks. These are shark eggs, rescued from the Pixxkerija (fish market), and some have been successfully hatched, helping to discover more about the development of oviparous (egg-laying) sharks.

Sharks tend to get bad press, but there is an organisation in Malta on their side. The NGO responsible is Sharklab (, which is devoted to protecting elasmobranch species, namely sharks, rays and skates. Their activities include elasmobranch-spotting snorkelling trips, visits to the fish market to rescue eggs, and shark releases. If you want to protect one of the world's most misunderstood creatures, you can take part, or otherwise help by registering sightings on their website.