Mali restaurants

Cafe in Timbuktu

Bar Restaurant Amanar

Our favourite restaurant in Timbuktu, Amanar has a mellow atmosphere with a soundtrack of Malian blues (think Ali Farke Touré and Tinariwen), chilled and friendly waiters and a small and intimate garden. They d…
North African in Bamako

San Toro

The décor here is charmingly African and the specialties are quality Malian dishes (the poulet au coco is especially good), which can take a while to appear, but are always worth the wait. There's no alcohol, b…
French in Bamako

Le Compagnard

Top marks for this place. High-quality French cooking, French wines and a switched-on ambience ensure plenty of regular customers among the expat community. The salad bar is a nice touch, and the wood-fired pizzas a…
Cafe in Gao

Bellàh Rôtisserie

Around the Grand Marché you can get coffee and bread in the mornings, and street food in the evenings (check out the excellent local sausages). Rotisseries are found all over Gao - Bellàh Rôtisserie i…
European in Bamako

Café Restaurant la Casa

In Bamako Coura, this is a fine, relaxed backpacker hang-out opposite the Mission Catholique; their spaghetti, couscous and ragout dishes contain the freshest ingredients, but if you want meat you'll need to order i…
African in Djenné

Restaurant le Fleuve

Restaurant le Fleuve offers simple Malian dishes which are best ordered in advance.
Cafe in Mopti

Restaurant Baramuso

This is the place for a wonderful cheap lunch in the centre of town.