Bank in Gao


Changes euro cash, organises Western Union transfers and, sometimes, provides cash advances on Visa cards.
Hospital in Bamako

Clinique Pasteur

West of town, this is Mali's best hospital for African diseases, emergencies and other consultations.
Tourist Information in Mopti

Bureau Régional du Tourisme

Found 200m north of Hôtel Kanaga, services are improving all the time here.
Embassy in Mopti

Comissariat de Police & Sûreté

Police station. Also do visa extensions which take about 15 minutes to process.
Tourist Information in Timbuktu

Bureau Régional du Tourisme

Has a list of recommended guides and can advise on trips further afield.
Bank in Mopti


Might do cash advances on credit cards, but don't count on it.
Post in Timbuktu

Post Office

Sells postcards and stamps - for that all-important postmark.
Bank in Timbuktu


Does cash advances on Visa card and Western Union transfers.
Cultural Centre in Bamako

Centre Culturel Français

Pick up their bi-monthly programme of concerts and events.
Booking Service in Bamako


Long-standing and reliable.