Top things to do in Djenné

Architecture in Djenné

Grande Mosquée

Djenné's elegant Grande Mosque was constructed in 1907, though it's based on the design of an older Grande Mosquée that once stood on the site. Famous throughout the world, the Grande Mosquée has dazz…
Market in Djenné

Grand Marché

Every Monday, the wide open area in front of the mosque is transformed into the clamorous Monday Market, which has barely changed since the days when Saharan camel caravans brought salt across the sands to the gates…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Djenné

Pama Sinatoa

Djenné is famous for bogolan, or mud-cloth. Although the cloth is on sale all across town, the most famous female artisan is Pama Sinatoa, whose workshop is near the town entrance. The quality is top-notch, the…
Architectural in Djenné

House of the Traditional Chief

With the help of a guide, you can see the beautiful House of the Traditional Chief, whose role today is mainly as an adjudicator in local disputes.
African in Djenné

Restaurant le Fleuve

Restaurant le Fleuve offers simple Malian dishes which are best ordered in advance.