LGBT Travellers

By Maldivian law all extramarital sex is illegal, but there is no specific mention of homosexuality in the country's legal index. This grey area means that while gay life does certainly exist in Maldives, it's all generally conducted with great discretion, often online.

Of course in the country's resorts, things are very different. Same-sex couples will be able to book a double room without issues (from budget to luxury, Maldivian hotel staff are the model of discretion), and it’s common to see same sex-couples enjoying Maldivian holidays together. Public displays of affection may embarrass Maldivian resort staff, but won’t result in anything but blushes on their part. In Male and on inhabited islands discretion is key and public displays of affection should not be indulged in by anyone, gay or straight – Maldives remains an extremely conservative place.