North Male Atoll in detail

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Green Gasfinolhu

Tiny Gasfinolhu island, just south of North Male Atoll's capital Thulusdhoo, was the country's first carbon-neutral resort island, becoming so in 2015 to a flurry of press interest. It managed this through the installation of 6500 sq m of solar panels, allowing it to run on 100% solar power, which it produces at almost two times the amount needed to meet peak demand. While the island retains a diesel generator to step in during excessive periods of overcast skies and bad weather, it normally uses them very sparingly. Plans for the future include a zero-waste management system and reuse of chilled water in the island's air conditioning, both important innovations in Maldives' notoriously environmentally unsustainable resorts. While its environmental credentials are impressive, the resort – Mahureva – is exclusively booked out by Italian travel agents.