Getting There & Away

Maafushi is well connected to both Male and the airport. The cheapest option to get between the two is the daily public ferry (Rf 30, 1½ hours) leaving Maafushi every morning except Friday at 7.30am. The same ferry leaves Male's New Harbour at 3pm each afternoon except Friday. There's a second sailing in each direction on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday – this leaves Male at 10am and Maafushi at 12.30pm.

Private speedboat transfers (Rf385, 40 minutes) connect Maafushi to both Male's northern jetties (as opposed to the less conveniently located New Harbour) and then with the airport, making them a very popular and far faster way to make the journey. There are multiple departures throughout the day, including on Friday. Enquire at your guesthouse as there are multiple companies, or just buy tickets from iCom near the Maafushi dock.