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  • Visit Maldives ( Official tourism site.
  • Maldives Independent ( Balanced English-language online newspaper.
  • Atoll Transfer Ferry and speedboat timetables, routes and tickets.
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Top Tips

  • Remember that buying anything in resorts is very expensive, so bring everything you need.
  • Independent travellers should ask guesthouses to book domestic flights, as they have access to lower rates than those online.
  • Heavy internet users should buy a local SIM card at Velana International Airport before taking their onward transfer.
  • Make sure your plane lands by 3pm if you want to take a seaplane the same day.
  • Ensure you have the name of a guesthouse or resort to give to immigration officials on arrival.
  • Anyone learning to dive in Maldives should do an open-water referral course at home first, this allows you to go straight into the diving instead of wasting valuable holiday time studying theory.

What to Take

  • Sunscreen and after-sun products, which cost a fortune in resorts
  • A sun hat
  • Flippers, mask & snorkel
  • Three-pin UK-style adaptors if you're coming from outside the UK
  • UV-blocking sunglasses
  • Plenty of reading material
  • Any birth control or medication you'll need
  • Diving certification, logbook and any of your own equipment

What to Wear

In resorts you can afford to be as relaxed as you like, with skimpy swimwear and bare feet being acceptable almost everywhere. Smarter resorts might request men wear trousers or shirts to some restaurants in the evening, though this is rare. On inhabited islands, it's important to dress conservatively when out on the street; which means covering shoulders and legs above the knee for women, and avoiding bare chests for men. You will never feel cold in Maldives, although some restaurants can be overly air-conditioned, so a sweater or scarf may come in handy. Flip flops are worn by nearly everyone on inhabited islands, and can come in handy in resorts too, if only just for walking on hot sand.

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Make sure you have a resort or guesthouse name to give immigration
  • Check the domestic airline or seaplane baggage weight restrictions
  • Book ahead for any must-have spa treatments or reservations at restaurants that are difficult to get last minute
  • Confirm dates for specific dives you want to do with your dive operator
  • Arrange travel insurance