Foodies on a shoestring budget will adore Taiping for its cheap, cheerful food courts and hawker stalls. Broadening the local menu is a classy set of Western-style cafes (ideal for brunch or an espresso) and outstanding cendol, a crushed-ice dessert lavished with coconut, red beans and pandan-leaf noodles.

Street Food City

Taiping is hot on the heels of foodie favourites Penang and Ipoh with its street-food culture.

  • Larut Matang Food Court Busiest and best at lunch, this gritty court is half Chinese and half Malay. Look out for local favourite Omar's Popiah stall, where you can chomp on large rolls of crisp veggies wrapped in a wheat pancake.
  • Pusat Makanan Taman Tasik This lakeside hawker court and coffee shop has a good selection of stalls serving dishes from curry mee (yellow noodles submerged in spicy broth) to ikan bakar (chargrilled fish) and oyster omelette.
  • Kedai Kopi Prima This big, busy Chinese coffee shop spills out onto the street in the evenings, with several vendors selling a mix of Chinese and Malay dishes, including fish porridge and pork noodles.
  • Pusat Penjaja Taiping Nasi ayam (chicken rice), laksa and fruit-festooned ice-blended drinks are served up at this bustling, great-quality food court.
  • Ansari Famous Cendol Creamy and sweet with generous amounts of green noodles and gula Melaka (dark sugar syrup), this third-generation seller of shaved-ice dessert cendol is the best in town.