Top things to do in Sri Menanti

Museum in Sri Menanti

Istana Lama

The impressive Istana Lama, a black hardwood palace, was completed in 1908 as a temporary replacement for an even older palace that was razed by British soldiers during the Bukit Putus War. When we passed through, l…
Cemetery in Sri Menanti

Makam Diraja

Next to the brass-domed mosque, visible almost immediately as you turn right onto Sri Menanti's main road from N29, is the royal cemetery, which has a distinctive Victorian/Moorish pavilion. Shaded by large green do…
Palace in Sri Menanti

Istana Besar

Just beyond Sri Menanti’s tiny Lake Gardens is Istana Besar, the impressive modern white palace of the Yamtuan Besar (the head of state) of Negeri Sembilan. It was built in the 1930s and is not open to the public.