Top things to do

Top Choice Hawker in Sibu

Sibu Central Market

Malaysia’s largest fruit-and-veg market has more than 1000 stalls. Upstairs, Chinese, Malay and Iban-run food stalls serve up local specialities, including porridge (available early in the morning and at night), kam…
Top Choice Malaysian in Sibu

Payung Café

An exquisitely decorated cafe where diners feast on healthy local food (no re-used oil, deep frying or MSG) such as spicy otak-otak barbecued fish (RM13), deliciously fresh herbs salad (RM8) and generous servings of…
Chinese in Sibu

New Capital Restaurant

A classy, old-school Chinese restaurant. Foochow specialities include sea-cucumber soup (RM10) and white pomfret (RM70 to RM80 for a portion to share).
Taoist Temple in Sibu

Tua Pek Kong Temple

A modest wooden structure existed on the site of this colourful riverfront Taoist temple as far back as 1871; it was rebuilt in 1897 but badly damaged by Allied bombs in 1942.For panoramic views over the town and th…
Books in Sibu

Public Book Store

The best bookstore in town, with a decent selection of English books. The mall is owned by the Sanyan Group, a vast and politically well-connected timber company.
Fusion in Sibu

Café Café

Café Café serves decent fusion fare, including Nonya-style chicken, daily specials and inventive deserts such as salted-caramel-apple-crisp cheesecake and Reese's-peanut-butter-chocolate cheesecake (RM10.90). With d…
Museum in Sibu

Sibu Heritage Centre

Housed in a gorgeously airy municipal complex built in 1960, this excellent museum explores the captivating history of Sarawak and Sibu. Panels, rich in evocative photographs, take a look at the various Chinese dial…
Performing Arts in Sibu

Borneo Cultural Festival

A week-long festival of food, music and dance representing Central Sarawak’s Chinese, Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu and Malay-Melanau culture and traditions.
Market in Sibu

Night Market

Chinese stalls (selling pork and rice, steamed buns etc) are at the western end of the lot, while Malay stalls (with superb satay and barbecue chicken) are to the northeast. Also has a few Iban-run places.
Peranakan in Sibu

Islamic Nyonya Kafé

The highlight of the overwhelmingly extensive menu here are the deliciously spicy Nonya dishes, including kari ayam (chicken curry) and kari kambing (mutton curry).