Seremban restaurants

Top Choice Desserts in Seremban

Haji Shariff’s Cendol

Since the 1930s the Shariff family has been serving up refreshingly sweet bowls of cendol (an icy dessert made with pandan noodles, coconut milk and jaggery syrup). Order from the counter inside this green 1919 shop…
Hawker in Seremban

Pasar Besar

Seremban's main food market (1975) is a local institution, with dozens of stalls flowing out from its central wet market. Take your pick of vendors dishing up Seremban's signature beef noodles – stall 748 makes a ri…
Malaysian in Seremban

Kee Mei Siew Pao

This basic shop is a great place to pick up some of Seremban’s famous pao, golden pastry pork buns.
Hawker in Seremban

Bean Curd Stall

Hot, fresh tau fu fah (bean curd pudding) is scooped into bowls at this roadside vendor outside the 7-Eleven. Service starts in the morning and the cart trundles off when the curd runs out (go for an early breakfast…