Seremban attractions

Top Choice Museum in Seremban

Muzium Negeri Sembilan

State history, from traditional weapons to blow-by-blow accounts of European invasions, is well presented at this museum 2.5km southwest of central Seremban. The main building has a Minangkabau-style peaked roof; ev…
Gardens in Seremban

Lake Gardens

Two thin lakes in a pleasantly wooded park are the centrepiece of the old colonial neighbourhood of Seremban. Pincered between two main roads, they aren't very tranquil, but nonetheless, paved walking paths and trim…
Temple in Seremban

Liesheng Temple

This small Taoist temple is worth a look for its dragon-adorned roof and ornate wooden carvings. It features, among other deities, the popular Guandi (the patron of righteous brotherhoods, and sometimes called the g…
Mosque in Seremban

Masjid Jamek

Handsome Masjid Jamek was built in the early 20th century in the Malaccan style with a tiered pyramidal roof and a lighthouse-like minaret.
Mosque in Seremban

Masjid Negeri Sembilan

The nine pillars of this 1960s-built state mosque represent the nine original states of Negeri Sembilan. It's worth a look for its peaked roof, which borrows elements of modern design and traditional Minangkabau arc…
Architecture in Seremban

State Library

Once the offices of the colonial administration, the neoclassical (1912) State Library, west of the Lake Gardens, is Seremban’s most imposing colonial building.
Church in Seremban

Church of the Visitation

An attractive neo-Gothic church, founded in 1848, is the heart of Roman Catholic life in Seremban.
Architecture in Seremban

Kompleks Kraf Negeri Sembilan

A handsome 1912 mansion that was once home to British Resident Captain Murray.