Feature: The Collectors

Be warned, when visiting the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, it's better to leave valuables in your coach, car or locker (available on request) before entering the orangutan feeding area, for certain members of their population are renowned for their collecting habits. They're not fussy – Leica cameras and Ray-Ban sunglasses will suffice. One ape in particular (with a distinguished black face) usually singles out a female member of the audience and makes a beeline, only to cross the divide between the arboreal to the viewing area. He may get attached to you, literally, and has been known to occasionally bite. If he gets too close, move away and alert a member of staff.

If you're extremely lucky you might spot C.I.D, a fully flanged large male and resident king of this particular jungle, though he's only seen once or twice a year. To learn more about these orangutans so you can identify them by name, check out www.orangutan-appeal.org.uk/about-us/meet-the-orangutans.