Top things to do in Semporna

Top Choice Seafood in Semporna

Fat Mom's

Let's be clear about this: Fat Mom's is Semporna's go-to place for some of the tastiest, freshest seafood around – so fresh that your dinner might be glowering at you from the fish tanks. The squid is wonderfully te…
Marine Reserve in Semporna

Tun Sakaran Marine Park

Also known as the Semporna Islands Marine Park, this 350-sq-km protected area, a short boat ride from Semporna, comprises eight islands and two reefs. Some of the islands are inhabited by the Bajau sea gypsies, who …
Malaysian in Semporna

Restoran Al-Thaufika

This unassuming place is always a good bet for such Indian-Malaysian standards as roti kosong (crispy, flaky roti with curry to dip it in), murtabak (filled roti) and roti cobra (roti topped with dhal, veggies, chic…
Malaysian in Semporna

Restoran Bismillah

This reliable stalwart caters to night owls and insomniacs, with fried noodle dishes, seafood rice and all manner of variations on the roti canai. Wednesday and Sunday are biryani days.
Mosque in Semporna


Dominating the waterfront with its elegant golden cupola and soaring minarets, this sky-blue mosque is probably the best-looking thing in Semporna, especially when silhouetted against the sunset.