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Tanjung Datu National Park

Are you a naturalist traveler? Then, you should spend time on your holiday to explore Tanjung Datu National Park in Sarawak Borneo. Though it is one of the smallest national parks, it is also one of the most beautiful national parks in Sarawak. The national park is at a remote area and it is less accessible, making it worth to visit to get off the beaten trek. The national park also is known to feature various species of Borneo Wildlife, such as: • Bornean gibbons • Pig-tailed macaques • Long-tailed macaques • Silver-leaf monkeys • Civet cats • Bearded pigs • Diverse birds species and many more The park’s remoteness means that the beaches and coral-reefs are clean and natural. Therefore, it attracts the green and olive ridley turtles occasionally come to ashore to lay eggs.
3 days