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Top Choice Village in Selangor

Mah Meri Cultural Village

On Pulau Carey island, this Orang Asli village is well worth a visit to learn about the distinct culture and traditions of the Mah Meri, a subgroup of the Senoi people who live along the coast of Selangor. The Mah M…
Top Choice Cave in Selangor

Batu Caves

One of Malaysia’s national treasures and holiest Hindu sites, this complex of giant limestone caves, just 13km north of KL, houses temples that have been drawing pilgrims for more than 120 years. The American natura…
Top Choice Cave in Batu Caves

Dark Cave

At step 204 on the way up to the Temple Cave, branch off to the Dark Cave to join a 45-minute guided tour along 850m of the 2km of surveyed passageways within the cave complex. The tour takes you through seven diffe…
Top Choice Hindu Shrine in Batu Caves

Temple Cave

The so-called Temple Cave (actually two enormous caverns joined by a short flight of stairs) sits atop 272 steps populated by scampering macaque monkeys. It's guarded by an impressive, 42.7m golden statue of Lord Mu…
Top Choice Malaysian in Petaling Jaya & Shah Alam


Darren Teoh heads a team of exciting young chefs at this innovative restaurant based at the KDU University College in Shah Alam. It's worth making the journey out here to taste the impeccably presented fine-dining d…
Top Choice Coffee in Klang & Pelabuhan Klang

Seraph Awaken

Coffee-making is approached with scientific precision at Seraph Awaken, where owners Cheau See and Chun Hoong serve hand-brewed drip coffee from a counter of beakers and rubber tubes that wouldn't look out of place …
Top Choice Malaysian in Klang & Pelabuhan Klang

Yap Kee

This banana-leaf restaurant in an old shophouse two blocks to the right as you come out of the station usually has just a couple of choices available. But go with what's on offer and you won't regret it; the expert …
Top Choice Live Music in Petaling Jaya & Shah Alam


This grungy, arty place hosts concerts and open-mike nights and sells local interest books and CDs. See the website for upcoming events.
Top Choice Park in Selangor

Forest Research Institute Malaysia

The lush greenery and birdsong of the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia offer a welcome respite from the drone of KL's traffic, 16km northwest of the city. Covering nearly 600 hectares, the institute was establi…
Viewpoint in Kuala Selangor

Bukit Malawati

It’s a short walk through landscaped parklands to the top of Bukit Malawati, with views across the mangrove dotted coastline. Once an administrative and military fort, all that remains today are sections of wall, ca…