Selangor restaurants

Top Choice Malaysian in Petaling Jaya & Shah Alam


Darren Teoh heads a team of exciting young chefs at this innovative restaurant based at the KDU University College in Shah Alam. Chefs get playful with local flavours and whimsical presentation, such as their black …
Top Choice Malaysian in Klang & Pelabuhan Klang

Yap Kee

This spartan banana-leaf restaurant in an old shophouse, two blocks to the right as you leave the train station, usually has only a couple of choices available. But it's legendary in Klang: fish, crunchy fried chick…
Malaysian in Klang & Pelabuhan Klang

Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh

Klang is famous for bak kut teh, pork stew made by simmering ribs in a fragrant broth of star anise, ginseng, orange peel and other spices. Welcoming Seng Huat, beneath Klang Bridge, has been busy finessing the reci…
European in Genting Highlands

The Olive

Five-star service complements award-winning food at The Olive. It's eye-wateringly expensive by Malaysian standards, but complaints melt away as readily as mouthfuls of tender, seared rib-eye. Watch chefs prepare go…
Malaysian in Kuala Selangor

Auntie Foo

A block southeast of stalwart Auntie Kopitiam is younger, fresher Auntie Foo, which attracts a mixed crowd of locals and tourists…mainly for the coconut shakes. There's a good choice of Malay mains and desserts: nas…
Food Hall in Putrajaya


A fairly standard shopping mall, albeit with grand entrances flanked by bamboo, Alamanda has an above-average food hall. Take your pick of roti canai (flaky flatbread), nasi campur (rice with motley veggie and meat …
Chinese in Bukit Fraser

Hill View

The family that has run this stall for a couple of generations serves up simple dishes from salted-fish rice to braised bean curd and various veggie specials.
Indonesian in Selangor

Tamarind Springs

With an open-sided, Balinese-style wooden dining room, backed by jungle and overlooking a golf course, Tamarind Springs makes for a romantic setting for a special occasion. The extensive cocktail list and Indochines…
Bakery in Kuala Kubu Bharu

Teng Wun Bakery & Confectionery

A popular purveyor of kaya (coconut-cream jam) puffs and durian cakes since 1979, Teng Wun uses fresh pandan and durian to make cloud-like cupcakes and not-too-sweet pastries.
Malaysian in Kuala Selangor

Auntie Kopitiam

On the main road across from the entrance to Bukit Malawati, this old-style kopitiam (coffee shop) founded in 1935 serves Malaysian favourites such as nasi lemak (rice boiled in coconut milk, served with fried ikan …