Historic Site in Sandakan

Sandakan Memorial Park

A beautiful forest orchard and series of gardens marks the unlikely site of a Japanese POW camp and starting point for the infamous WWII 'death marches' to Ranau. Of the 1800 Australian and 600 British troops impris…
Museum in Sandakan

Agnes Keith House

This atmospheric two-storey wooden villa, and former British colonial quarters, is now renovated as a museum. Living in Sandakan in the 1930s, Amercian Agnes Keith wrote several books about her experiences here, inc…
Temple in Sandakan

Puu Jih Shih Temple

Wrapped in the usual firework display of reds, golds and twining dragons, festooned with lanterns illuminating the grounds like a swarm of fireflies, this is one of the finest Chinese temples in Sabah. The temple is…
Church in Sandakan

St Michael's & All Angels Church

As if airlifted from England's home counties, this pretty stone church sits like a relic of colonial times and monument to Christian worship, on a hillside high above Sandakan. Its construction reportedly involved p…
Cemetery in Sandakan

Japanese Cemetery

A poignant piece of Sandakan's ethnic puzzle, the cemetry was founded in the 1890s by Kinoshita Kuni, known as the successful madam-manager of Sandakan's lucrative 'Brothel 8'. Today's cemetery is small, but at one …
Village in Sandakan

Kampong Buli Sim Sim

This traditional stilt village, located about 3km east of the town centre, is the original settlement Sandakan grew from. You'll likely be grinned at as you wander around the wooden boards built over the water, as m…
Cemetery in Sandakan

Chinese Cemetery

Sandakan's Chinese Cemetery is huge. As you wander further along the cemetery, you'll notice the graves become older and more decrepit – many have been claimed by the jungle. You will also see some charnel houses th…
Taoist Temple in Sandakan

Sam Sing Kung

The Sam Sing Kung temple (also pronounced 'Sam Sing Gong') dates from 1887, making it the oldest building in Sandakan. The temple itself is a smallish, if attractive affair – a lovely example of a house of worship d…
Fountain in Sandakan


The fountain commemorates the independence of Sabah on 16th September, 1963 with the departure of the last Governor of British North Borneo.