Top Choice Malaysian in Pulau Tioman

ABCD Restaurant

This restaurant is packed most nights with travellers who flock to enjoy ABCD’s BBQ special (RM20), a tantalising array of freshly caught fish, prawn or squid. For less adventurous eaters, chicken will have to do. B…
Chinese in Pulau Tioman

Chinese Sarang Seafood

This spot does a particularly tasty sizzling hotplate with bean curd and serves beer.
International in Pulau Tioman

Sunset Corner

The last spot before the stairs leading south, Sunset serves beer, booze, milkshakes and pizza. The wildly popular happy hour is from 5pm to 7pm.
Malaysian in Pulau Tioman

Santai Bistro

This bar/restaurant right next to the jetty plays classic rock and serves delights such as sambal prawns, tom yum and mixed vegetable salads. The beers are cold and the views hypnotising.
Chinese in Pulau Tioman

Golden Dish Cafe

This might be the only place on Tioman serving its own homegrown organic vegetables. There are also plenty of authentic Chinese seafood specialities and healing herbal drinks and, if that isn’t your thing, it serves…
Malaysian in Pulau Tioman

Riverside Cafe

This very inexpensive place right next to the jetty serves burgers, omelettes and Malay and Thai specialities such as kampung noodles and tom yum.
Malaysian in Pulau Tioman


With two locations – one right by the Tekek pier and the other up the road by the Berjaya Resort, this friendly Malaysian joint offers up wholesome fair, big smiles and waterfront views.