Accommodation on Pulau Redang needs to be arranged in advance. Tour companies sell packages for all the resorts, and several of the resorts have offices in Kuala Terengganu. Where rates given here are for a room including breakfast, expect to pay extra for activities and transfer to/from the island.

Off-peak rates (usually March and October) attract significant discounts. Weekday (Sunday to Wednesday) rates are cheaper than weekends (Thursday to Saturday).

Packaged Holidays

Some places only sell packages that include activities. Unless otherwise stated, package prices given in this section are for three days and two nights and are per person, based on twin-sharing, and include boat transfer from Merang, all meals and two snorkelling trips. Promotional packages are frequently offered; check resort websites in advance.

Teluk Kalong

The beach of Teluk Kalong is to the southwest of Pasir Panjang, and is somewhat more private.

Teluk Dalam

Teluk Dalam is in the north of the island, near a village with local restaurants.

Pasir Panjang

Most of the smaller resorts are built on a beautiful stretch of white-sand beach known as Pasir Panjang (Long Beach), on the east coast of the island.

South of Pasir Panjang

The bay directly south of Pasir Panjang has an excellent white-sand beach.