Ruins in Pulau Pangkor

Kota Belanda

At Teluk Gedong, 1.5km south of Pangkor Town, is the Dutch Fort, built in 1670 and sacked in 1690. The Dutch managed to rebuild the fort in 1743; only five years later they abandoned it for good after local warrior …
Museum in Pulau Pangkor

Galeri Pangkor

This single-hall gallery overlooking the jetty is a pleasant break from the sun. The gallery has a small collection of handicrafts and furnishings, including elaborately woven baskets and traditional music instrumen…
Temple in Pulau Pangkor

Foo Ling Kong

With its brightly coloured bridges, cartoonish tiger statues and souvenir stands, this inland temple almost has the vibe of a theme park. Donations are encouraged; place them in the tin sentrymen at the entrance.
Temple in Pulau Pangkor

Lin Je Kong Temple

On the northern edge of Coral Beach, look out for this small, psychedelic temple, adorned with statues of giant mushrooms, a turtle, a mermaid and, of course, Donald Duck.
Historic Site in Pulau Pangkor

Batu Bersurat

On the waterfront at Teluk Gedong is this mammoth stone carved with the symbol of the Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie; VOC) and other graffiti, including a faint depiction of a tiger ste…