Pulau Labuan attractions

National Park in Pulau Labuan

Labuan Marine Park

Pulau Kuraman, Pulau Rusukan Kecil and Pulau Rusukan Besar are uninhabited islands lying southwest of Labuan that are now protected by the federal government. The beaches are pristine, but dynamite fishing has destr…
Museum in Pulau Labuan

Labuan Museum

This museum provides a good (if dry) introduction to the island's history and culture, from precolonial days through British and Japanese occupation, WWII and the establishment of Labuan as an independent federal te…
Cemetery in Pulau Labuan

WWII Memorial (Labuan War Cemetery)

A dignified expanse of lawn with row upon row of headstones dedicated to the nearly 4000 Commonwealth servicemen, mostly Australian and British, who lost their lives in Borneo during WWII. The cemetery is near the g…
Wildlife Reserve in Pulau Labuan

Labuan Bird Park

This pretty park offers refuge to a wide range of species (580, apparently) in three geodesic domes, and a swath of rainforest. The birds look a little bored, but healthy. The park is located at the north end of the…
Museum in Pulau Labuan

Labuan Marine Museum

On the coast just east of the centre, the Labuan International Sea Sports Complex houses a decent little museum with a good shell collection and displays of local marine life. Head upstairs to find a 12.8m-long skel…
Landmark in Pulau Labuan


Formerly part of an old coal-mining station, this is the only historic monument of its kind in Malaysia, and has good views along the coast. Next to it is the Chimney Museum, where you can learn all about Labuan's f…
Temple in Pulau Labuan

Chinese Temple

Built by the Hokkien people and also known as the 'eighth' temple, this temple conducts a colourful ceremony of the ninth emperor, a deity in Chinese mythology, on the ninth month of each lunar cycle.