Perak shopping

Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Ipoh

Kong Heng Square Artisan Market

During the colonial era, these walls formed the city's large single shop block. Today a cluster of craft stalls has sprung up around this light-flooded atrium in Ipoh's old town. Don't miss pausing to slurp an ice b…
Food & Drinks in Pulau Pangkor

Hai Seng Hin Fish Factory

As much a curiosity as a shopping opportunity, SPK village's fish factory is emblazoned with a giant octopus and has a picturesque outlook from its small pier. Some visit Pangkor Island purely to stock up on local f…
Mall in Ipoh

Ipoh Parade

Shiny, brand-filled shopping mall in Ipoh's new town, featuring fashion, electronics and a food court.
Food in Cameron Highlands

Kea Farm Market

Get your hands on produce such as strawberries, sweetcorn and locally grown greens while weaving through stalls that look fit to collapse under the weight of plastic-wrapped souvenirs. Kea Farm Market is a mixed exp…
Market in Ipoh

Flea Market

A busy flea market virtually engulfs the streets surrounding Pi Hotel every Sunday morning.
Shopping Centre in Taiping

Taiping Mall

Taiping's shopping centre, packed with clothing and electronics stores.