Bus in Kuala Terengganu

Heritage Buses

Looking like heritage houses, KT's network of local buses runs across four separate lines. All four routes stop at the main bus station. Timings can be somewhat irregular, but these services are handy for getting to…
Taxi in Kuala Terengganu

Main Taxi Stand

Kuala Terengganu’s main taxi stand is near the local bus station, but taxis can be found throughout the city. Regular destinations include Marang (RM30), Kota Bharu (RM150), Kuala Besut (RM120), Rantau Abang (RM60),…
Taxi in Kota Bharu

Taxi Stand

The taxi stand is on the southern side of the central bus station. Avoid the unlicensed cab drivers who will pester you here and elsewhere around town, and take an official taxi as these are cheaper and safer.
Bus Station in Kota Bharu

Interstate Bus Terminal

Some express and long-distance buses leave from this station near the Kota Bharu Tesco. A taxi from this bus station to the centre of town is around RM15.
Train in Kota Bharu

Wakaf Baharu

The nearest railway station to Kota Bharu is 10km across the Kelantan River; it can be reached by local buses 19 or 17..
Ferry in Marang

MGH Boat Service

Runs speedy boat transfers from Marang to Pulau Kapas and Gemia. Can also book accommodation.
Airport in Kuala Terengganu

Sultan Mahmud Airport

Serving Kuala Terengganu, Sultan Mahmud Airport is around 11km north of the city centre.
Bus in Kota Bharu

Central Bus Station

Local buses and Transnasional express buses operate from the central bus station.
Ferry in Marang

Suria Link Boat Service

Established operator for speed boat transfers to Pulau Kapas.
Airport in Kota Bharu

Sultan Ismail Petra Airport

Kota Bharu's airport is 10km northeast of the city centre.