Peninsular Malaysia's Northeast shopping

Market in Kota Bharu

Central Market

One of the most colourful and active markets in Malaysia, this market is at its busiest first thing in the morning. Downstairs is the fresh produce section, while upstairs are stalls selling spices, brassware and ba…
Arts & Crafts in Kuala Terengganu

Kraftangan Malaysia

Located about 4.5km south of town, this outlet sells high-quality kain songket costing as much as RM12,000 for 2.5 sq metres. There’s also a tiny 'Songket Heritage' Exhibition showing varying designs. Bus 13 (RM2) w…
Arts & Crafts in Kuala Terengganu

Wanisma Craft & Trading

Batik and local brassware can be purchased at this shop where you can also view artisans at work. Check with the tourist information office before heading there, as nearby real estate development may necessitate a c…
Arts & Crafts in Kota Bharu

Bazaar Buluh Kubu

Located near Central Market, Bazaar Buluh Kubu is the place to purchase the local handicrafts such as batik, traditional Malay clothing and jewellery that the residents here buy.
Market in Kota Bharu

Street Market

A market selling fake designer clothes, imitation watches and bootleg DVDs takes over the street in the evenings.