Hafiz's Cherating Activities

Top choice boating in Cherating

These night-time firefly boat tours along the mangroves upriver are a Cherating activity par excellence. Hafiz is a long-time firefly enthusiast and self-made expert at Cherating Activities. Tours leave at around 7.30pm and are introduced with a detailed talk. Don't put on mosquito repellent, otherwise the fireflies (actually a kind of beetle) won't settle on you.

Hafiz and his team use special torches to lure the fireflies from the riverside branches and they swarm over to the boats to drift past outstretched hands, or settle in your hair or on your open palms. Note how some of the fireflies hover over the water, lured by their own reflection. Children will find it totally fascinating, but adults discover it's just as magical. Hafiz also offers river kayaking, snorkelling, and environmentally-sound and animal-friendly expeditions releasing baby turtles, watching turtles laying eggs and mangrove tree replanting, as well as quad bike rides and banana boat rides.