Terrapuri Heritage Village

Top choice resort in Penarik

The manicured grounds of Terrapuri Heritage Village resemble a film set about the lives of sultans of yore. Meaning ‘Land Of Palaces’, Terrapuri is equal parts conservation and restoration museum, and resort. The resort features 29 classically furnished antique houses painstakingly restored and is laid out to resemble a Terengganu palace c1850 (though all are fully equipped with modern amenities).

The land on which Terrapuri sits is equally regal, flanked by the South China Sea (with stunning views of Pulau Perhentian, Lang Tengah and other islands) on one side, and the Setiu Wetland mangrove river on the other. By night, the flashing of fireflies is reflected in Terrapuri’s long swimming pool, and during the summer months visitors may see green turtles laying their eggs on the sandy shore. Terrapuri offers delicious traditional meals (breakfast RM45, lunch RM65, dinner RM75) and many activities.