Museum in Pekan

Museum Sultan Abu Bakar

This museum is housed in a wonderful building constructed by the British in 1929. Exhibits are largely about the Pahang royal family, with other displays featuring weapons, pottery (including Chinese porcelain and A…
Museum in Pekan

Galeri Pengangkutan Air

Displays traditional Malaysian watercraft. Look out for the fabulously carved craft with the head of a mythical beast.
Mosque in Pekan

Abu Bakar Mosque

The active Abu Bakar Mosque is crowned with gold domes. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter.
Historic Building in Pekan

Pekan Lama

Behind the Sultan Abdullah Mosque stands this old tower fashioned from wood and stone.
Mosque in Pekan

Sultan Abdullah Mosque

This blue-domed mosque is a large, slightly mouldering creation dating back to 1932.
Palace in Pekan

Istana Permai

The focus of Pekan’s palm-lined royal quarter is the Regent of Pahang’s palace.
Palace in Pekan

Istana Abu Bakar

The grandiose sultan’s palace is set on vast grounds of cow grass.
Gardens in Pekan

Royal Pahang Polo Club

Verdant polo field located next to the Istana Abu Bakar.
Buddhist Temple in Pekan

Lei Shen Gong Buddhist Temple

Buddhist temple honouring the god of thunder.
Hindu Temple in Pekan

Mariamnan Hindu Temple

Central Hindu temple open to visitors.