Tourist Information in Taman Negara

Park Information Counter

Located in the building 100m north of the resort's reception, you must register here and buy various permits before entering the park, including photography permits (even for mobile phones; fines of up to RM10,000 f…
Travel Agency in Taman Negara

Danz Travel & Adventures

At the riverside end of the road in Kuala Tahan, Danz provides information on onward transport including its own boat transfers back to Jerantut. However, like many tourist information providers in Kuala Tahan it's …
Travel Agency in Jerantut

Han Travel

Han Travel runs tours to Taman Negara, the National Elephant Conservation Centre and a variety of other expeditions as well as operating Han Rainforest Resort in Kuala Tahan (Taman Negara). Han Travel also runs buse…
Post in Kuala Lipis

Post Office

The historic post office dates to 1910; the front door used to face the main road, but after a major flood in 1971, it was shifted to the side. Note the milestone outside the building on the pavement which says 'Kua…
Internet in Taman Negara

Internet Cafe

Located not far from the police station.
Hospital in Pulau Tioman

Tekek Clinic

The island's sole clinic. Emergency service is available on the weekend.
Tourist Information in Kuantan

Tourism Malaysia

There are plenty of brochures here to help you find your way.
ATM in Pulau Tioman


This BSN (Bank Simpanan Nasional) ATM is open 24 hours.
Bank in Jerantut


Has an ATM that accepts most foreign cards.
Police in Taman Negara


Located 300m up from Teresek View Motel.