Northwestern Sabah attractions

Memorial in Mt Kinabalu & Kinabalu National Park

Kundasang War Memorial

At Kundasang, beside the KK–Ranau Hwy, 10km east of Kinabalu National Park headquarters, is this poignant memorial conceived in 1961. It commemorates the Australian and British prisoners who died on the infamous San…
Plantation in Ranau

Sabah Tea Garden

A pretty tea plantation huddles in the mountains near Ranau, producing the famous Sabah Tea. Contact the garden to arrange tours of both the plantation and surrounding rainforest and river valleys. Overnight package…
Memorial in Ranau

Pialungan Sandakan-Ranau Death March Memorial

In 1945 Sabah-occupying Japanese sent over 1000 British and Australian POWs on a series of forced marches from Sandakan to Ranau. Only six – all Australians – survived by escaping and being cared for by locals. The …
Museum in Tip of Borneo

Rungus Museum

At the Tampat Do Aman guesthouse, this worthwhile museum aims to preserve traditional Rungus culture, with detailed displays on marriage and funeral rites, the Rungus language, gongs in traditional music and the rol…
Wildlife Reserve in Tip of Borneo

Kudat Turtle Conservation Society

Run by Roland, the Kudat Turtle Conservation Society is based at the south end of the Bavang Jamal beach. There's an education centre nearby and it's possible to assist the society on night vigils at local beaches t…
Gardens in Poring Hot Springs

Orchid Conservation Centre

Part of the Poring Hot Springs complex, this centre boasts 1200 species of orchid, all of which are unbelievably found within Kinabalu National Park. It's the largest collection of the species endemic to Sabah.
Gardens in Mt Kinabalu & Kinabalu National Park

Botanical Garden

Many of the plants found on Mt Kinabalu and in Kinabalu National Park are cultivated in the Botanical Garden, north of the visitors centre. Guided tours of the garden depart at 9am, noon and 3pm and cost RM5.
Temple in Kudat

Fuk Tek Kung Temple

With its triple-tiered roof topped with dragons and its gate the brightest thing in Kudat's drab centre, this impressive Chinese temple by the main square is well worth a look.
Market in Ranau

Ranau Night Market

Packed with aromas and produce from all over the region, this is where locals come to haggle and barter every Saturday evening. It's especially photogenic come dusk.
Island in Pulau Banggi

Pulau Balambangan

This large island is known for its 12 beautiful caves, one of which you can explore.