Top things to do in Niah National Park

Cave in Niah National Park

Great Cave

A raised boardwalk leads 3.1km (3½ to four hours return) through swampy old-growth rainforest to the mouth of the Great Cave, a vast cavern approximately 2km long, up to 250m across and up to 60m high. Inside, the t…
Cave in Niah National Park

Painted Cave

After passing through the part of the Great Cave known as Gan Kira, you emerge into the forest and a section of boardwalk before arriving at the Painted Cave, famed for its ancient red-hematite drawings depicting ju…
Museum in Niah National Park

Niah Archaeology Museum

Across the river from park HQ, this museum has displays on Niah’s geology, ecology and prehistoric archaeology, including an original burial canoe that’s at least 1200 years old, a reproduction of the Painted Cave, …