Mountain Torq has dramatically changed the Kinabalu climbing experience by creating an intricate system of rungs and rails crowning the mountain's summit known as via ferrata. After ascending Kinabalu, participants use the network of rungs, pallets and cables to return to Laban Rata along the mountain's dramatic granite walls, with killer views along the way.

Mountain Torq's star attraction, the Low's Peak Circuit (minimum age 17), is a four- to five-hour scramble down a sheer rock face. This route starts at 3766m, passing a variety of obstacles before linking up to the Walk the Torq path for the last part of the journey. The route's threadlike tightropes and swinging planks will have you convinced that the course designers are sadistic, but that's what makes it such fun – testing your limits without putting your safety in jeopardy. Those who don't want their heart leaping out of their chest should try the Walk the Torq (minimum age 10) route. This two- to three-hour escapade is an exciting initiation into the world of via ferrata, offering dramatic mountain vistas with a few less knee-shaking moments. No matter which course you tackle, you'll undoubtedly think that the dramatic vertical drops are nothing short of exhilarating.