Mall in Miri

Bintang Plaza

A modern, multistorey, air-con mall with shops specialising in computers and cameras on the 3rd floor. Rainy-day entertainment comes in the form of Megalanes East Bowling Alley and a cinema.
Arts & Crafts in Miri

Miri Handicraft Centre

Thirteen stalls, rented from the city, sell colourful bags, baskets, sarongs, textiles etc made by Iban, Kelabit, Kenyah, Kayan, Lun Bawang, Chinese and Malay artisans. Stall No 7 has some fine Kelabit beadwork from…
Shopping Centre in Miri

Wisma Pelita

This downtown shopping mall is a little long in the tooth. There are two internet places here. Along with Bintang Plaza and Imperial Mall, it is one of the three main shopping malls in Miri.
Food & Drinks in Miri

Sin Liang Supermarket

Well stocked with snacks, toiletries and Aussie wines. A good place to pick up supplies for a trek in Mulu or the Kelabit Highlands.
Books in Miri

Popular Book Store

A mega-bookshop with a large selection of English books, and Lonely Planet titles in English and Chinese.
Shoes in Miri

Miri Central Superstore

Sells rubber 'kampung shoes' (RM7.50), which are perfect for jungle hikes.
Shopping Centre in Miri

Imperial Mall

Several clothes shops and a useful supermarket in the basement – a good place to stock up on supplies before a trek.