Top Choice Malaysian in Miri

Summit Café

If you’ve never tried Kelabit cuisine, this place will open up whole new worlds for your tastebuds. Queue up and choose from the colourful array of ‘jungle food’ laid out at the counter, including dure (fried jungle…
Malaysian in Miri

Madli's Restaurant

A long-running family business that started off as a satay stall in the 1970s; the first of three restaurants was opened in Miri 1995. As well as lip-smackingly good chicken and lamb satay (RM1 per stick), the menu …
Seafood in Miri

Meng Chai Seafood

Discerning locals crowd this first-rate eatery, housed in two and unassuming adjacent buildings. There is no menu here – make your selection from the fishy candidates lined up on ice, decide how you would like it co…
Chinese in Miri

Persiaran Kabor

Come midmorning this atmospheric, covered courtyard, known locally as Old Folks' Street, is full of men of a certain vintage who congregate here to drink coffee, read the paper and play chess (the Chinese Chess Asso…
Indonesian in Miri

Muara Restoran

Expat Indonesian oil workers in bright-yellow overalls flock to this tin-roofed shed for lalapan (tofu, tempeh, meat, spinach-like greens, raw cucumber and rice, eaten with spicy sambal belacan). Good for a late-nig…
Chinese in Miri

Rainforest Cafe

Often packed with families tucking into a banquet of shared dishes, this breezy, open-air eatery specialises in Chinese-style dishes such as ‘braised rainforest bean curd’, ‘crispy roasted chicken’ and ‘pork leg Phi…
Hawker in Miri

Miri Central Market

Of the Chinese food purveyors selling kari ayam (chicken curry), porridge and the usual rice and noodle dishes, stall 6 (open 3.30am to 10am) is particularly popular. Stall 20 serves up vegetarian fare.
Indian in Miri

Khan’s Islamic Restaurant

This simple canteen is one of Miri’s best North Indian eateries, serving up mouth-watering tandoori chicken (RM12), naan bread and mango lassi (RM4) as well as a variety of curries and vegetarian dishes.
Market in Miri

Tamu Muhibbah

Fruit and veggies, some straight from the jungle, are sold at stalls owned by Chinese, Malay, Iban and Orang Ulu.