Top Choice Malaysian in Melaka City

Nancy's Kitchen

The mouth-watering meals stirred up in this Peranakan (Nonya) restaurant are revered in Melaka and Nancy's Kitchen lives up to the hype. Local diners crowd this small restaurant, especially at weekends, their bellie…
Top Choice Malaysian in Melaka City


Specialising in Peranakan cuisine, Bulldog is a contemporary, monochrome-decorated space that serves its excellent food with a spicy edge that's very appealing. Don't miss the chilli-paste-slavered aubergine or the …
Top Choice Indian in Melaka City


This classic banana-leaf restaurant is excellent value, with an efficient and amiable staff. Generous servings of aromatic chicken biryani are eclipsed by the vegetarian offerings, in particular the Friday afternoon…
Top Choice Pakistani in Melaka City

Pak Putra Restaurant

Scarlet tikka chickens rotate hypnotically on skewers, luring diners to this excellent Pakistani restaurant. With aromatic vegetarian dishes, seafood and piquant curries, there's no shortage of choice (try the masal…
Top Choice Peranakan in Melaka City

Kocik Kitchen

This unassuming little restaurant is hot on the heels of Melaka City's other Peranakan (Nonya) specialists; try the creamy lemak nenas prawns, swimming in fragrant coconut milk with fresh chunks of pineapple. The se…
Top Choice Spanish in Melaka City

Salud Tapas

'Small bites, big flavours' is the tag line for this sophisticated new tapas bar that really delivers. It helps that the chef is Spanish and that the ingredients and recipes are authentic. It's a lovely spot for a g…
Malaysian in Melaka City

Cafe 1511

This high-ceilinged cafe has original tiles along the wall, lovely carved screens, a mishmash of decorative objects from Southeast Asia and a reasonably good menu. It also serves a Western set breakfast (RM6.50).
Malaysian in Melaka City

Donald & Lily's

This is Melaka City locals' favourite stop for the regional-style laksa and Nonya cendol (a popular shaved-ice dessert). Service is beaming but it's lost some of its character since moving to the much easier to find…
Chinese in Melaka City

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball

A popular pilgrimage place for Hainanese chicken rice, don't expect a menu or deferential service. The queue allows plenty of time to decide if you're hungry enough for a quarter chicken (RM14) or a whole one (RM42)…
Vegetarian in Melaka City

Restoran Amituofoh

Conventional wisdom dictates that there's no such thing as a free meal. This Buddhist vegetarian restaurant generously breaks the rules by providing simple vegetarian meals on the house. You may make a contribution …