Religious in Melaka City

Vesak Day Parade

Vesak Day celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha on the first full moon of the fourth month of the Chinese calendar. It's marked in Melaka City with a large and colourful parade that goes along vari…
Religious in Melaka City

Masimugam Festival

A Melakan version of Thaipusam, just as gory but without the crowds, takes place shortly after Chinese New Year. A procession heads from Sri Poyatha Venayagar Moorthi Temple in Chinatown to Kampong Cheng, about 15km…
Art in Melaka City

Melaka Art & Performance Festival

This performance, arts and film fest draws artists from around the world to liven up Bukit St Paul and Melaka City's historical sites for three days in late November.
Religious in Melaka City

Hungry Ghosts (Phor Thor) Festival

During this Chinese festival, offerings and prayers are dedicated to dead relatives who are temporarily released to roam the earth. Sometimes there are performances of Chinese opera at temples and 'hell money' is bu…
Cultural in Melaka City

Dragon Boat Festival

This Chinese festival (known by the Chinese as Duanwu Jie) is marked by a dragon-boat race on Sungai Melaka (Melaka River). It commemorates the death by drowning of 3rd-century BC Chinese poet and statesman, Qu Yuan…
Religious in Melaka City

Mariamman Festival

Kampung Chetti's Sri Muthu Mariamman Temple is the focal point of this festival. It's a similar festival to Thaipusam in that it can involve devotees piercing their flesh with hooks during the ritual procession.
Religious in Melaka City

Festa Santa Cruz

This festival honours a miraculous cross with Catholics conducting a candlelight procession to Santa Cruz Chapel on Malim Hill, about 7km north of central Melaka City.
Christmas in Melaka City

Medan Portugis Christmas Lights

Melakans descend on Medan Portugis to view the brightly decorated homes.
Religious in Melaka City

Festa San Juan

The Eurasian community celebrates this festival by lighting candles in the Portuguese Settlement.
Cultural in Melaka City

Melaka Historical City Day

There's a public holiday on 15 April to celebrate the founding of Melaka.