Clothing in Kuching


This fine little boutique has a well-chosen selection of made-in-Sarawak fabrics and clothing in both traditional and modern Orang Ulu–inspired designs, including silk sarongs and men’s batik shirts.
Books in Kuching

Mohamed Yahia & Sons

Specialises in English-language books on Borneo, including the four-volume Encyclopaedia of Iban Studies. Also carries Sarawak maps and travel guides.
Books in Kuching

Popular Book Co

A capacious modern bookshop with a big selection of English titles, including works by local authors and travel guides.
Mall in Kuching

Sarawak Plaza

A little long in the tooth, but home to a few useful shops.
Mall in Kuching

Tun Jugah Shopping Centre

A shiny place with stylish shops.
Arts & Crafts in Kuching

Sarawak Craft Council

Run by a non-profit government agency, this shop has a pretty good selection of Malay, Bidayuh, Iban and Orang Ulu handicrafts – check out the cowboy hats made entirely of bark and the conical terendak (Melanau hats…
Arts & Crafts in Kuching

Main Bazaar

The row of old shophouses facing the Waterfront Promenade is chock-full of handicrafts shops, some outfitted like art galleries, others with more of a ‘garage sale’ appeal, and yet others (especially along the Main …
Food in Kuching

UD Siburan Jaya

Has an excellent selection of Sarawakian specialities such as pepper (black and white), laksa paste, sambal, Bario rice and even tuak (rice wine).
Art in Kuching

Nelson’s Gallery

Upstairs, artist Narong Daun patiently creates vibrant jungle-themed batik paintings on silk.
Arts & Crafts in Kuching


The group of women at Tanoti are the only people to practise a distinct Sarawakian form of songket weaving, a way of creating embroidered fabrics. Visitors are welcome to visit the workshop and see the weaving, but …