Top Choice Italian in Kuching

The Junk

Filled to the brim with antiques, this is the middle of a complex of restaurants and bars – each with different names housed in three 1920s shophouses. The Junk has a busy kitchen and the food here is very good. Pas…
Top Choice Malaysian in Kuching

The Dyak

This elegant restaurant is the first to treat Dayak home cooking as true cuisine. The chef, classically trained in a Western style, uses traditional recipes, many of them Iban (a few are Kelabit, Kayan or Bidayuh), …
Top Choice Malaysian in Kuching

Fig Tree Cafe

This innovative cafe features Malay-Chinese dishes served with flair and enthusiasm. There are plenty of vegetarian choices, and vegan options are available. The adventurous should try the lui cha, rice and vegetabl…
Top Choice International in Kuching

James Brooke Bistro & Cafe

Gets consistently good reviews for the cuisine, service and the lovely river views. Local dishes such as Sarawak laksa (RM12) and its own invention, uniquely flavoursome wild Borneo laksa (RM12), are great value and…
Top Choice Seafood in Kuching

Top Spot Food Court

A perennial favourite among local foodies, this neon-lit courtyard and its half-a-dozen humming seafooderies sits, rather improbably, on the roof of a concrete parking garage – look for the giant backlit lobster sig…
Top Choice Malaysian in Kuching

Choon Hui

This old-school kopitiam (coffee shop) gets our vote for the most delicious laksa in town, and we're not alone – the place can get crowded, especially at weekends. There is also a stall here selling excellent popia,…
Top Choice Brasserie in Kuching

The Granary

Housed in an old, you guessed it, granary that has been renovated with minimalist flair. This breezy restaurant serves up superb burgers, pizzas and pasta plus some more pricier meat options. Check the specials boar…
Top Choice Bakery in Kuching

Kim Food Court

Egg tarts are the speciality here. Delicious egg tarts with the flakiest of bases are available as traditional, pandan-flavoured, coconut-flavoured, or Portuguese style.
International in Kuching


Enjoying some Brooke-era atmosphere, this cafe-restaurant is a great place to rest the legs and refuel while sightseeing or for a more sophisticated wine-and-dine experience. Choose between the breezy verandah or th…
Indian in Kuching

Lyn’s Thandoori Restaurant

This North Indian restaurant, a Kuching fixture since 1994, sports a huge menu featuring tandoori chicken and naan as well as delicious mutton, fish and veggie options (almost 50 of them, including 22 types of panee…