Top Choice Malaysian in Kuching


This elegant restaurant is the first to treat Dayak home cooking as true cuisine. The chef, classically trained in a Western style, uses traditional recipes, many of them Iban (a few are Kelabit, Kayan or Bidayuh), …
Top Choice Malaysian in Kuching

Tribal Stove

This laid-back restaurant serving delicious Kelabit food somehow has somehow managed to capture something of the atmosphere of Bario, the Highland 'capital', and transport it to downtown Kuching. Specialities includ…
Top Choice Fusion in Kuching

Bla Bla Bla

Innovative and stylish, Bla Bla Bla serves excellent Chinese-inspired fusion dishes that – like the decor, the koi ponds and the Balinese Buddha – range from traditional to far-out. Specialities include midin (jungl…
Top Choice Seafood in Kuching

Top Spot Food Court

A perennial favourite among local foodies, this neon-lit courtyard and its half-a-dozen humming seafooderies sits, rather improbably, on the roof of a concrete parking garage – look for the giant backlit lobster sig…
Top Choice Malaysian in Kuching

Choon Hui

This old-school kopitiam (coffee shop) gets our vote for the most delicious laksa in town, and we're not alone – the place can get crowded, especially at weekends. There is also a stall here selling excellent popia,…
Hawker in Kuching

Open-Air Market

Cheap, tasty dishes to look for include laksa, Chinese-style mee sapi (beef noodle soup), red kolo mee (noodles with pork and a sweet barbecue sauce), tomato kueh tiaw (a fried rice-noodle dish) and shaved ice desse…
Malaysian in Kuching

Maria Kek Lapis

Sells over 40 varieties of kek lapis, a colourful layered cake made with wheat flour, egg, prodigious quantities of either butter or margarine, and flavourings such as melon, blueberry or pandan leaves.
Malaysian in Kuching

Lok Lok

This hugely popular nocturnal eatery specialises in lok lok, skewers (eg of fish, prawn, cuttlefish or bean curd; RM1.50 to RM2 each) that are either boiled or deep fried and eaten with sweet, sweet-and-sour, belaca…
Mediterranean in Kuching


Well-to-do Kuchingites celebrated the recent opening of Zinc and its selection of European foods: Spanish Iberico ham, French cheeses and high-end wines that aren't available anywhere else in Borneo. Naturally, the …
Mediterranean in Kuching


Once the venue for elegant colonial parties (check out the photos on the way to the bar), this 1920s mansion, with teak floors and soaring ceilings, serves Mediterranean food and tapas. The terrace – with coloured l…