Top Choice Music in Kuching

Rainforest World Music Festival

This three-day gathering, one of the world's great music festivals, is held in the Sarawak Cultural Village. International artists, who usually perform music that is traditional in their country, hold informal works…
Top Choice Food & Drink in Kuching

Kuching Festival

A huge food extravaganza with hundreds of stalls selling a whole range of meals and snacks – from Mongolian barbecue to Vietnamese spring rolls and deep-fried ice cream. Held in the park in front of the Kuching City…
Cultural in Kuching

Rainforest Fringe

Running for 10 days in the lead-up to the Rainforest World Music Festival in mid-July, this cultural celebration including music, art, film, food and photography was inaugurated in 2017. Many of the exhibitions and …
Cultural in Kuching

What About Kuching

Launched in 2017, this month-long celebration of cultural, art and musical events showcases Kuching. Past events have included a waterfront jazz festival, urban sketching sessions and local street art. Events are he…
Fair in Kuching

Mooncake Festival

Musical performances and food stalls selling Chinese food, drink and, of course, mooncakes take over Jln Carpenter.
New Year in Kuching

Chinese New Year

The main festivities are along Jln Padungan.