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Top Choice Seafood in Kuantan

Ana Ikan Bakar Petai

If it’s authentic you’re after, look no further than this huge open-air seafood restaurant across the river on the island of Tanjong Lumpur. On any given evening Malaysian families flock here to feast on a plethora …
Malaysian in Kuantan

Akob Patin House

Fancy trying patin, the local delicacy? This riverfront place serves both wild-caught (RM20) and farmed (RM8) patin in a tempoyak (fermented durian sambal) sauce served as part of a buffet with other Malay-style mea…
Chinese in Kuantan

Kohng Restoran

This humble spot on the main drag serves some of the best Hainan chicken rice this side of Singapore. On some nights it is so packed that diners spill into the alley next door, where a variety of other Chinese snack…
Food Hall in Kuantan

Berjaya Megamall

Everything from Starbucks to Malay-style food courts.
Food Hall in Kuantan

East Coast Mall

Everything from Starbucks to Malay-style food courts.
Mosque in Kuantan

Masjid Negeri

The east coast’s most impressive mosque presides regally over the padang. At night it’s a magical sight with its illuminated spires and turrets contrasting against the dark sky.
Hawker in Kuantan

Food Stalls

The food stalls by the market are particularly excellent.
Landmark in Kuantan

Football Pitch

Watch soccer matches here.
Market in Kuantan

Central Market

Bustling central market.