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Top Choice Temple in Kuala Pilah

Sansheng Gong

One of Malaysia's most intriguing temples, ornate Sansheng Gong was the first in the country dedicated to Guan Gong, sometimes referred to as the god of war. Guarded by stone lions, it has an impressive tiled roof a…
Hindu Temple in Kuala Pilah

Kuil Sri Kanthasamy

It's impossible to miss the colourful gateway to Sri Kanthasamy temple in central Kuala Pilah. It's a layer-cake of statues, lotus designs and Malaysian flags, but opening hours can be variable.
Food Hall in Kuala Pilah

Medan Selera

Pick up breakfast or an early lunch at this assembly of food stalls, serving fried chicken, lamb soup, char kway teow (fried noodles) and other quick 'n' tasty local staples.