Top things to do in Kelantan

Top Choice Asian in Kota Bharu

Kedai Kopi Ambassador

Just inside the red archway entrance to Chinatown, the flaming woks and beer advertising of this outdoor restaurant draws in the crowds on balmy evenings. Choose from Thai, Malay or Chinese; each style has it's own …
Top Choice Bar in Kota Bharu

Only One

This is one of the few bars that serves wine (Spanish and Australian) to accompany surprisingly good Thai and Western food. The open-sided design makes it a great place to wait out a downpour, and there's a big scre…
Top Choice Cafe in Kota Bharu

Arnold Cycling Cafe

The cycling part of this contemporary-styled cafe refers to some of the decoration, which also includes bare-branched trees and suspended coffee-bean sacks. It's a very pleasant place to refresh on the city's best e…
Cafe in Kota Bharu

Muhibah Bakery & Cafe

This lovely bakery has wicked cakes, iced desserts, sticky doughnuts and decent coffee. Stop by for a green tea frappe, pandan sponge cake, or a chocolate and cashew doughnut for a mid-afternoon treat.
Beach in Kota Bharu

Pantai Cahaya Bulan

Kota Bharu’s main beach was once known as Pantai Cinta Berahi, or the Beach of Passionate Love. In keeping with Islamic sensibilities, it’s now known as Pantai Cahaya Bulan or Moonlight Beach. Most people call it 'P…
Malaysian in Kota Bharu

Restoran Capital

For a favourite local breakfast, get here before 9am when the excellent nasi kerabu (blue rice with coconut, fish and spices) often sells out. Nutty-flavoured rice combines with a variety of subtle Kelantanese curri…
Malaysian in Kota Bharu

Night Market

The most popular spot for the best Malay food in town is this night market. Specialities include ayam percik (marinated chicken on bamboo skewers) and nasi kerabu (blue rice with coconut, fish and spices), squid-on-…
Cultural Centre in Kota Bharu

Gelanggang Seni

Local cultural events, including gasing uri (top-spinning), silat (a Malay martial art), kite-making, drumming and shadow-puppet shows are held regularly at Gelanggang Seni. The events are kid-friendly and all are f…
Museum in Kota Bharu

Bank Kerapu

Built in 1912 for the Mercantile Bank of India, the Bank Kerapu building was the first stone structure built in Kelantan. During WWII it was the HQ of the Kempai Tai, Japan’s feared secret police. Today it is also k…
Museum in Kota Bharu

Istana Jahar

Kota Bharu’s best museum focuses on Kelantanese ritual and crafts. It's housed in a beautiful chocolate brown building that dates back to 1887 and which is easily one of the most attractive traditional buildings in …