Kelantan restaurants

Top Choice Asian in Kota Bharu

Kedai Kopi Ambassador

Just inside the red archway entrance to Chinatown, the flaming woks and beer advertising of this outdoor restaurant draws in the crowds on balmy evenings. Choose from Thai, Malay or Chinese; each style has it's own …
Cafe in Kota Bharu

Muhibah Bakery & Cafe

This lovely bakery has wicked cakes, iced desserts, sticky doughnuts and decent coffee. Stop by for a green tea frappe, pandan sponge cake, or a chocolate and cashew doughnut for a mid-afternoon treat.
Malaysian in Kota Bharu

Restoran Capital

For a favourite local breakfast, get here before 9am when the excellent nasi kerabu (blue rice with coconut, fish and spices) often sells out. Nutty-flavoured rice combines with a variety of subtle Kelantanese curri…
Malaysian in Kota Bharu

Night Market

The most popular spot for the best Malay food in town is this night market. Specialities include ayam percik (marinated chicken on bamboo skewers) and nasi kerabu (blue rice with coconut, fish and spices), squid-on-…
Cafe in Kota Bharu

Kedai Kopi White House

For a very local experience, pop into this old-school Chinese coffee shop for a tea or coffee while you’re exploring Kota Bharu’s museum precinct (mornings only). The ambience is straight from decades past, and a la…
Indian in Kota Bharu

Shan Sri Dewi Restaurant

As popular with locals as it is with tourists, this mint-green, fan-cooled place serves authentic curries on a banana leaf and a delicious, lurid-yellow mango lassi. It also serves a terrific roti canai (flaky flatb…
Chinese in Kota Bharu

Medan Selera Kebun Sultan Food Court

This bustling, fan-cooled Chinatown food court, which opens late in a town that closes early, offers dishes like claypot chicken rice and kway teow (rice-flour noodles), as well ice-cold beer. Vegetarians are specif…
Chinese in Kota Bharu

Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is packed nightly with locals enjoying seafood dishes like braised sea cucumber, claypot prawns and dried cuttlefish with mango salad. The house speciality, deep-fried soft-shell crab, should only s…
International in Kota Bharu

Sun Two

The welcome is friendly and food delicious at this brightly decorated place that has been in business since 1946. Sample Chinese, Malay and popular Western-style food including soups and steamboats, chicken chop, an…
Chinese in Kota Bharu

Westlake Eating House

Don’t let the plain decor fool you. Westlake Eating House serves some of the tastiest Chinese fare in Eastern Malaysia. Dig into the likes of braised pork ribs, roast duck, fish in spicy sauce and stir-fried vegetab…