Amusement Park in Johor Bahru


Got kids? Opened in September 2012, Southeast Asia's first Legoland offers over 70 rides and attractions, plus a waterpark that can be visited separately or as part of a package. Nearly everything is hands on, and i…
Museum in Johor Bahru

Royal Abu Bakar Museum

The marvellous Istana Besar, once the Johor royal family’s principal palace, was built in Victorian style by Anglophile sultan Abu Bakar in 1866. It was opened as a museum to the public in 1990 and displays the incr…
Museum in Johor Bahru

Chinese Heritage Museum

Well-laid-out exhibits chronicling the history of Chinese immigrants in this part of the Malay peninsula are the highlight of this three-storey museum. Learn how the Cantonese brought their carpentry skills to this …
Architecture in Johor Bahru

Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim

Sitting magnificently atop Bukit Timbalan, the imposing Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim is a mighty melange of colonial pomp, Islamic motifs and indigenous design. Completed in 1942, the city landmark was employed as a fort…
Taoist Temple in Johor Bahru

Roufo Gumiao

Once the centre of JB's Chinese immigrant community, and used by five different ethnic groups to worship five different Chinese gods, this small but atmospheric temple is more than 130 years old. Little remains of i…
Architecture in Johor Bahru

Heritage District

Wandering around the heritage area between Jln Ibrahim and Jln Ungku Puan is a real highlight of Johor Bahru. Walk past old colourful shophouses filled with sari shops, barbers, Ayurvedic salons, gorgeous temples, a…
Hindu Temple in Johor Bahru

Arulmigu Sri Raja Kalliamman

Step through the looking glass into this wonderland temple built from mirrors, glass and metal. Not a single inch of the vaulted roof or wall goes unadorned. The temple is dedicated to Kali, known as the goddess of …
Temple in Johor Bahru

Tokong Cina

This Chinese temple was established in 1870, primarily for the veneration of Yuan Tian Shang Di, the supreme lord of the dark heaven.
Mosque in Johor Bahru

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

The stunning whitewashed walls and blue-tiled roof of this Victorian-inspired mosque speak of a mix of architectural influences. Built between 1892 and 1900, it is quite rightly hailed as one of the most magnificent…
Hindu Temple in Johor Bahru

Sri Raja Mariamman Devasthanam

This beautiful Hindu temple, with ornate carvings and devotional artwork, and a tall, brightly painted gopuram (tower) entrance way, is the heart of JB's Hindu community. Photos are allowed, but be respectful of dev…