Ipoh restaurants

Top Choice Malaysian in Ipoh

Restaurant Lou Wong

Ipoh's signature dish, tauge ayam (chicken bean sprouts), has been perfected at perennially popular Lou Wong. The restaurant is unadorned, with plastic seats spilling into the street, but the sole dish on offer is i…
Top Choice Desserts in Ipoh

Funny Mountain Soya Bean

Local and visiting foodies scramble to this legendary Ipoh food stall, which has been serving fresh, warm, silky bean-curd pudding (tau fu fah) since 1952. Get the full experience by ordering an ice-cold soy milk, t…
Malaysian in Ipoh

Lim Ko Pi

From colourful tiles to secluded inner dining nooks, this relaxing cafe in a 1920s building has a strong whiff of Ipoh's glory days. Considering the setting, breakfasts are good value (from RM5 for eggs, toast and w…
Malaysian in Ipoh

Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung

This popular restaurant is the place to come for variations on nasi lemak (rice in coconut milk with fried ikan bilis – dried anchovies – peanuts and a curry dish). Also gracing the extensive menu are Thai-style fri…
Chinese in Ipoh

Concubine Lane Tau Fu Fa

Historic Jln Panglima, aka 'Concubine Lane', is elbow to elbow with visitors on weekends, but it's worth squeezing through for a brimming bowlful of tau fu fah (bean-curd pudding) at this hole-in-the-wall canteen. F…
Malaysian in Ipoh

Cowan Street

Occasional visitors to Ipoh head to Lou Wong and other famous purveyors of chicken bean sprouts, but ask a local and they might just direct you to Cowan Street, with its patchy opening hours, juicy poached chicken (…
Hainan in Ipoh

Xin Quan Fang

You'd better come early (seriously, 7am) for the chance to sample Hainanese curry noodles and pork and bean sprouts. These two dishes are pretty much all Xin Quan Fang churns out, but they are excellent, as testifie…
Hong Kong in Ipoh

Ming Court

Arrive early for a sit-down dim sum experience in the dining salon of Ming Court. Point at what you fancy from the trays circulated by staff, and don't skimp on the plump pork bao and chicken congee.
Malaysian in Ipoh

M Salim

This busy, no-frills halal place will feed you a mountain of nosh for a few ringgit. Pile your plate by pointing at whatever's freshly cooked that day (village-style chicken, spicy okra, eggs), or order fragrant bir…
Vietnamese in Ipoh

Vnam Kitchen

Reliable Vietnamese fare, from lemongrass pork and crystal spring rolls to enormous soups, is served up at this efficient and friendly restaurant with a soothing lotus backdrop.