Top Choice Chinese in Ipoh

Lim Ko Pi

From its colourful tiles to the secluded inner dining chambers, this relaxing cafe has a strong whiff of Ipoh's glory days. Breakfasts are excellent value (from RM5 for eggs, toast and white coffee), while lunches i…
Top Choice Malaysian in Ipoh

Restaurant Lou Wong

Ipoh's culinary pride and joy may not seem like much, with brisk staff and streetside plastic stools. But this is the place to try Ipoh's signature dish, tauge ayam (chicken with beansprouts). Lou Wong has perfected…
Chinese in Ipoh

Concubine Lane Tau Fu Fa

A brimming bowlful of tau fu fah (bean-curd pudding) at this hole-in-the-wall canteen is the perfect excuse to linger on historic Jalan Panglima, aka 'Concubine Lane'. Freshly prepared each morning, each bowl is top…
Indian in Ipoh

Sri Ananda Bahwan Banana Leaf

Some of Ipoh's best Indian food is cooked up in this simple cafeteria in Little India. Mop up chutney and dhal with a fluffy dosa or order the generous banana-leaf special, with mountains of rice and spiced okra. Le…
Chinese in Ipoh

Funny Mountain Soya Bean

Queues form for Funny Mountain's famous bean-curd pudding (tau fu fah) and ice-cold soy-bean milk. Both are made in-house, and the shop closes when its signature curd runs out. The light, refreshing puddings are ser…
Malaysian in Ipoh

Xin Quan Fang

You better come early (seriously, 7am) for the chance to sample curry noodles and pork and bean sprouts. These two dishes are pretty much all Xin Quan Fang churns out, but they are truly excellent, as testified to b…
Chinese in Ipoh

Ming Court

Queue for plump dim sum at this authentic Cantonese eatery near the Parade shopping mall.
Malay in Ipoh

Famous Mee Hakka

This busy casual eatery dishes up a quality version of hakka mee, wheat noodles sprinkled with ground pork and served alongside a salty broth that bobs with fish balls and tofu.
Malaysian in Ipoh

Medan Selera Dato’ Tawhil Azar

Better-known as Children’s Playground, this hawker centre has mostly Malay stalls arranged around a small square filled with slides and swings.
Malaysian in Ipoh

Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung

This popular restaurant is the place to come for variations on nasi lemak (rice boiled in coconut milk, served with fried ikan bilis – dried sardines or anchovies – peanuts and a curry dish). Also gracing the extens…