Cave in Ipoh

Sam Poh Tong

First discovered by a monk in 1890, this cave 5km south of Ipoh now shelters Sam Poh Tong temple, which is still used today by nuns and monks pursuing solitary meditation. The temple contains a reclining Buddha flan…
Cave in Ipoh

Perak Tong

Founded in 1926 by a Buddhist priest, this cave temple is Ipoh’s most visited and offers spectacular views. Located 6km north of Ipoh, the temple extends into a warren-like complex of grottoes, with a gleaming 40ft …
Cave in Ipoh

Gua Kek Lok Tong

Buddha statues glint out between shadowy stalactites in this serene temple away from the tourist trail. Three Sages dominate the central cavern, while towards the back a cheerful Chinese Buddha of Future Happiness s…
Historic Building in Ipoh

Train Station

Completed in 1917, Ipoh's elegant domed train station is the town's most recognisable landmark. Known locally as the ‘Taj Mahal’, the station is a blend of Moorish and Victorian architecture designed in the ‘Raj’ st…
Museum in Ipoh

Muzium Darul Ridzuan

North of the padang (field), this museum is housed in a 1926 villa built for a wealthy Chinese tin miner. The museum features displays on the history of tin mining (downstairs) and forestry (upstairs) in Perak. Occa…
Historic Building in Ipoh

Town Hall

Ipoh’s gleaming white town hall dates back to 1916 and is a popular spot for wedding photo shoots. Visitors are often allowed to wander inside; the upper floor has good views of the colonial train station.
Mosque in Ipoh

Masjid India Muslim

Built in the Mughal style in 1908 for the local Indian population. Only Muslims are allowed inside.
Monument in Ipoh

Birch Memorial Clock Tower

The clock tower, with its 6ft 6in bell, was erected in 1909 in memory of James WW Birch, Perak’s first British Resident. Birch was murdered in 1875 at Pasir Salak by local Malay chiefs. The friezes on the clock towe…
Historic Building in Ipoh

St Michael’s Institution

On the padang’s northern flank is this neo-Gothic, three-storey colonial school with arched verandahs, founded by the Catholic La Salle brothers in 1912. Not open to the public.
Historic Building in Ipoh

Court House

Ipoh’s court house was built in 1928 by AB Hubback, the same architect who designed Ipoh’s train station and the town hall. Not open to the public.